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About Us

Spellflix is a digital movie, songs and TV show streaming service launched by Spell Movies, LLC based in USA.


Spell Movies, LLC has launched this digital streaming service under license from Sony Pictures Entertainment, 9X Media, INX Music and Infinity MusicWorks.


We specialize in licensed film and television content distribution on home entertainment and digital platforms. Our expertise include set-up and management of distribution networks, retail channels, ecommerce platform monetization, content aggregation, digital content distribution from OTT platforms and CDN, TVOD, SVOD and Electronic Sell-Thru (EST) services and live streaming of TV channels on web and mobile devices.


Our home entertainment distribution network spans across South Asian countries namely India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal while our digital distribution foot-print includes USA and Canada in addition to South Asian countries named above.


We have won "Best Marketing Award" in Asia-Pacific Region from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment International.


Please visit our corporate website at www.spellmovies.com for more details.